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Urbanscape truly gives you the best of both worlds. Our commitment to distinctive design and unparalleled aesthetic appeal gives you furniture unlike anything you’ve seen before, backed by the manufacturing quality and excellence of Wabash Valley, just like you’ve always known. As a division of Wabash Valley, Urbanscape is created with confidence by Wabash Valley’s 25-plus years of commitment to quality, reliability and durability. And just because Urbanscape’s look is high-end doesn’t mean it’s high-priced. Our line can fit almost any budget just as well as we fit into almost any landscape. You get a head-turning look without the eye-popping costs. Welcome to Urbanscape.
Features & benefits: 
Sleek, Stylish, and Modern
21 Different Design Collections
3-year warranty on all products
Durable, Long-lasting, & Maintenance-Free

Liberty Collection

Nature itself played a part in the design process for our Liberty Collection. The concept was inspired by the vision of leaves attached to long stems. And the streamlined curves of the legs were developed to accentuate this organic design. Modern surfaces meet natural beauty—what more could you want?

Rockport Collection

Designed to showcase the contrast between seating surface and structure, the Rockport Collection features arms and legs that boldly wrap around the seat and back, giving the impression of being pinned them into place. Choose a faux-wood seat finish for a textural contrast, or accentuate with different colors of powder coating instead. Either way, the Rockport’s contemporary designs give you an artful approach to functional seating.

Burns Harbor Collection

he simple, clean lines of the Burns Harbor Collection enable these benches to blend seamlessly with a variety of environments. For seats, choose a faux-wood finish to lend a traditional appearance, or select a powder-coated horizontal slat finish for a sleek look. Frames are offered in an array of powder-coating options, which means you can tailor Burns Harbor pieces to perfectly complement their setting.

Versailles Collection

With the Versailles Collection, we took a familiar industry design and made it our own. Focusing on the relationship between the seating surface and structural castings, we designed the angles and curves of the legs to flow in unison with the profile of the seating surface. Both tasteful and resilient, the Versailles Collection is a welcome addition to any outdoor surrounding.

Butler Collection

Much like the Beverly Shores Collection, the Butler Collection offers a classy look with decorative details in the side casting. Unlike the more feminine characteristics of the Beverly Shores benches, the Butler Collection features bolder, more masculine aesthetics using both lines and points to create a distinctive and attractive profile that looks good in any setting.