Instruments to Shape Public Space®
Urbanscape truly gives you the best of both worlds. Our commitment to distinctive design and unparalleled aesthetic appeal gives you furniture unlike anything you’ve seen before, backed by the manufacturing quality and excellence of Wabash Valley, just like you’ve always known. As a division of Wabash Valley, Urbanscape is created with confidence by Wabash Valley’s 25-plus years of commitment to quality, reliability and durability. And just because Urbanscape’s look is high-end doesn’t mean it’s high-priced. Our line can fit almost any budget just as well as we fit into almost any landscape. You get a head-turning look without the eye-popping costs. Welcome to Urbanscape.
Features & benefits: 
Sleek, Stylish, and Modern
21 Different Design Collections
3-year warranty on all products
Durable, Long-lasting, & Maintenance-Free

Madison Collection

The Madison Collection exudes style with curving lines that flow smoothly and gracefully throughout the frame. Distinctive curls at the ends of the armrests emit a delicate and elegant appearance. Its striking design allows it to stand out in any setting, and the available faux-wood finish makes a bold statement.

Oxford Collection

Designed by John Caldwell Design, the breathtaking curvature and vertical lines of the Oxford collection recall the majesty of a cascading wave. Even while seated on an Oxford bench, everything in the line makes one think it’s in a constant flowing state. And, just like our new Ashley collection, everything in our Oxford line is made entirely from aluminum, meaning it’s completely protected from rust and corrosion.

Beverly Shores Collection

The Beverly Shores Collection explores the relation between ornamental detail and essential structure. The benches incorporate decorative details into the side castings, where lines are woven together for a delicate feel and feminine appearance. The resulting design is beautiful without being superficial, and the benches add splendor to their surroundings.

Portage Collection

The clean, basic design and product breadth of our new Portage collection means this line has something for just about any space and any need. It incorporates a simple yet fun design combining a round or square perforated look with rolled edging, creating a soft and welcoming look. While the look may be soft, its build quality is anything but. Underneath the Portage collection’s clean and streamlined appearance is Urbanscape’s strong and rigid all-steel framework, topped off with our revolutionary powder-coating process. Add it up, and the Portage gives you a simple design adaptable to a wide variety of environments, with unbeatable durability and quality.

Ashley Collection

Designed by John Caldwell Design, the new Ashley collection has beautiful, looping lines and soft, dramatic curves that help make it one of the most unique places for anyone to grab a seat. Ashley gives you beauty and brawn: Its unique look gives off a distinctly European feel, while its all-aluminum build means no worries about rust or corrosion.