Playground equipment & outdoor play structures.
When looking for Playground Equipment, start by checking out Miracle’s Play Systems, with several basic models to choose from you can select a playground that fits your budget and space requirements. Miracle’s endless dedication to improvement and innovation makes our structures some of the most exciting in the industry, especially our Mega Tower® play system that provides three levels with over 24 play activities. Kids Choice®, one of our most popular systems, allows for endless configurations and modular versatility.
Features & benefits: 
Anti-Microbial paint prevents the growth of bacteria & Mold
Versalok® Clamp System - a Miracle Exclusive
Spiral Slides up tp 12'
Gator Grip® for gripping comfort
MiracleTech Security Products
Custom playgrounds at no extra cost
Industries widest range of decks, climbers, and slides
17 standard powder coat paint colors

Tots' Choice

It may be smaller in stature, but Tots' Choice® includes the same high-quality materials and most of the components available in Miracle's larger playsystems.
Miracle’s enhanced Tots' Choice® playsystems are exclusively geared to smaller hands and feet, smaller strides and smaller reaches!


A Classic in a State of Constant Regeneration
HAGS UniPlay is a modular-based play system with more than 50 exciting play functions. With endless combination possibilities, it is easy to develop a play area that entertains and stimulates children of a broad age range. There are several options: you can either choose ready-made play equipment, where we have already optimized the design for multiple requirements and environments, or you can create your own variation with support from us. HAGS UniPlay is an excellent source of inspiration for physical activity, encouraging children to look, touch, explore and play. It stimulates their perception of shapes, colors and beauty, while their bodies grow stronger, their senses are challenged and their social skills develop.

Fitness Cluster

Complete Fun & Fitness!
Fitness Clusters help kids develop flexibility, cardiovascular health, and upper body, back, arm and leg muscle strength, while building coordination, balance, and endurance.


HAGS Solo is the result of our most inspired moments: independent products that fulfill their function alone or add the finishing touches to a play area. This range includes: nursery play equipment, swings, spring toys, see-saws and games, balancing equipment, climbing walls and climbing nets. HAGS Solo allows you to design a personal play area with unique character. With the most attractive individual items – from colorful play for little children to theme games for older children – you are building a new community.

Center Stage

Custmoized play systems for virtually any site and budget.
Miracle’s Center Stage® design offers single pedestal decks allowing kids to be in view at all times. Center Stage® playsystems can be customized for virtually any site and budget.