Your solution for recreational surfacing.
Sof’Solutions is dedicated to playground safety, and continues to provide the highest quality safety surfacing, just like they have for the past 15 years. They do this by working with other industry experts and conducting extensive in-house research, development and testing. Every product Sof’Solutions offers is backed by their Play Protection Plan and a promise to stand behind every product offered and everyone who represents us. Sof’Solutions long-standing commitment to their representatives and customers to provide competitively priced, dependable and certified surfacing is the driving force behind our work.

Victoria Series

Victoria blends easily into a broad range of environments from residential communities to urban settings where permanent materials and ageless design have shaped the quality and feel of place. Traditional form and attention to fine details define the classic, timeless character of Victoria's recycled aluminum castings and overall design.

Designer Series

The rugged construction of the Designer Series helps it hold up to the demands of everyday use. It derives much of its strength from the heavy 4-inch borders and 4-inch square framework that give it a look all its own. While this series is only available in our diamond pattern, it’s offered in an array of great color choices.

Balance Series

Balance derives its unique appearance from strong elevation profiles. Contrasting forms highlight the beauty of line and the power of mass to create elegant structures that exist easily in either city or park settings.

Junior Series

Bring Your Game Inside.
The Junior MVP is the newest addition to the Goalsetter line-up. Great addition for daycares, the family rec room, basement, even the garage. Bolt it to the floor, use the portable stand, or even put it on a Goalsetter anchor in the driveway and upgrade to the larger model as the kids grow older.

Estate Series

The Estate Series is where class meets durability. This practical and breathtaking line adds beauty to any environment. However, it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s built with durable Plastisol-coated bench seats. And the high-strength, aluminum-alloy permanent-mold castings provide a superior finish and the ultimate in corrosion resistance.