Your solution for recreational surfacing.
Sof’Solutions is dedicated to playground safety, and continues to provide the highest quality safety surfacing, just like they have for the past 15 years. They do this by working with other industry experts and conducting extensive in-house research, development and testing. Every product Sof’Solutions offers is backed by their Play Protection Plan and a promise to stand behind every product offered and everyone who represents us. Sof’Solutions long-standing commitment to their representatives and customers to provide competitively priced, dependable and certified surfacing is the driving force behind our work.

Covington Collection

With the Covington Collection, we’ve moved beyond the basics—without being too overpowering. The smooth cast-aluminum design, along with the contoured seat, gives it a simple appearance that still exudes elegance.

Dewart Collection

It’s in the side profile that the design elements can be seen and appreciated in the Dewart Collection. Intersecting lines, defined edges and varying widths and thicknesses combine to produce a bold and striking appearance. These benches truly stand out in any environment.

Geneva Collection

We decided to stray from the ordinary with the Geneva Collection. It cascades and flows from one end to the other, giving the illusion that the collection is in motion. The leg design portrays a very open concept, which accentuates the steel-rod seat.

Spyder Series

Unique design. User-friendly. Durable construction. This is the perfect way to describe our Spyder® Series line of tables. An array of sizes, shapes and colors—all with the open-design legs for easy cleanup—allow you plenty of options.

Uptown Series

Don’t let it fool you. This series might seem lightweight because of its airy design, but it’s just as tough and rugged as the rest of the Wabash Valley products. The same Plastisol-coated contoured bench seats used in other series make it just as dependable, while its streamlined frame design produces one good-looking piece of outdoor furniture.