Your solution for recreational surfacing.

Sof’Solutions is dedicated to playground safety, and continues to provide the highest quality safety surfacing, just like they have for the past 15 years. They do this by working with other industry experts and conducting extensive in-house research, development and testing. Every product Sof’Solutions offers is backed by their Play Protection Plan and a promise to stand behind every product offered and everyone who represents us. Sof’Solutions long-standing commitment to their representatives and customers to provide competitively priced, dependable and certified surfacing is the driving force behind our work.

Environmentally Responsible, Quality Site Furnishings

Choosing Recycle Design™ site furnishings will provide many benefits, economically and environmentally. HDPE plastic lumber is the perfect material for outdoor applications. It is 100% recycled plastic with no wood fillers, and can be recycled again. It is resistant to corrosion and moisture, and warranted not to rot, splinter, crack, or peel. Waterproofing, painting or staining is neither required nor recommended and most graffiti is removable using standard cleaning procedures. No annual maintenance is required, a direct cost benefit that affects the bottom line.

Features & benefits: 
Available in 5 different Powdercoat Finishes
Available in 4 different 100% recycled HDPE color Lumber
Best in Basketball

Goalsetter Systems is committed to serving customers with the Best in Basketball for years of fun and entertainment for all playing levels and ages. As a world-leading basketball hoop manufacturer, Goalsetter Systems' product line is unequaled in quality and integrity.

Features & benefits: 
Lifetime Warranty
All price ranges & sizes
Made in the USA
Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Master Plumbers with 50 years combined experience designed the Most Dependable Fountain. They knew the extreme circumstances the drinking fountain would have to endure and the practical solutions to those problems. Our water fountains represent the answer to the combined requests and needs of the industry. Quality speaks for itself and our confidence is stated in our company name.

Instruments to Shape Public Space®

Urbanscape truly gives you the best of both worlds. Our commitment to distinctive design and unparalleled aesthetic appeal gives you furniture unlike anything you’ve seen before, backed by the manufacturing quality and excellence of Wabash Valley, just like you’ve always known. As a division of Wabash Valley, Urbanscape is created with confidence by Wabash Valley’s 25-plus years of commitment to quality, reliability and durability. And just because Urbanscape’s look is high-end doesn’t mean it’s high-priced. Our line can fit almost any budget just as well as we fit into almost any landscape. You get a head-turning look without the eye-popping costs. Welcome to Urbanscape.

Features & benefits: 
Sleek, Stylish, and Modern
21 Different Design Collections
3-year warranty on all products
Durable, Long-lasting, & Maintenance-Free
Discover Outside Again

The magic of Wabash Valley is found in their people—and in their unmatched coatings. They offer a large selection of tables, chairs, litter receptacles, planters, umbrellas and more, all available in numerous styles and colors.

Features & benefits: 
Rugged Durability
Practically No Maintenance
Designed for Safety and Comfort
QuickShip® option available
Over 15 Plastisol color options

Versailles Collection

With the Versailles Collection, we took a familiar industry design and made it our own. Focusing on the relationship between the seating surface and structural castings, we designed the angles and curves of the legs to flow in unison with the profile of the seating surface. Both tasteful and resilient, the Versailles Collection is a welcome addition to any outdoor surrounding.

Butler Collection

Much like the Beverly Shores Collection, the Butler Collection offers a classy look with decorative details in the side casting. Unlike the more feminine characteristics of the Beverly Shores benches, the Butler Collection features bolder, more masculine aesthetics using both lines and points to create a distinctive and attractive profile that looks good in any setting.

Camden Collection

Make a bold statement with the Camden Collection, which will turn heads with powder-coated color or faux-wood for natural ambiance. The curved bends in the benches’ robust framework swoop around the back of the contoured seating, and the matching tables with attached chairs reflect similar shaping. Its versatile look makes any product from the Camden Collection an attractive addition to any environment.

Carlisle Collection

The sleek, streamlined curves of the Carlisle Collection seem almost aerodynamic, giving it a post-modern appearance with an elegant twist. Slender, tapering legs add to the Carlisle’s graceful contemporary feel and keep the overall lines light and uncluttered. And with the range of choices—from benches to barstools and bar tables—you can coordinate a range of functional needs.

Avilla Collection

With the right curves in the right places, the Avilla Collection features a modern design that’s perfect for metro settings. The sweeping curves of the arms curl back from the front of the casting for a visually appealing look. In models with backs, these arms stop short of the back, creating a static energy.
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  • Your solution for recreational surfacing.
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