A Classic in a State of Constant Regeneration
HAGS UniPlay is a modular-based play system with more than 50 exciting play functions. With endless combination possibilities, it is easy to develop a play area that entertains and stimulates children of a broad age range. There are several options: you can either choose ready-made play equipment, where we have already optimized the design for multiple requirements and environments, or you can create your own variation with support from us. HAGS UniPlay is an excellent source of inspiration for physical activity, encouraging children to look, touch, explore and play. It stimulates their perception of shapes, colors and beauty, while their bodies grow stronger, their senses are challenged and their social skills develop.
Features & benefits: 
Increased focus on imagination and roleplay
More physical challenges: more climbing, greater heights
Several Color Options
Ready-made combinations - or create yourself
ASTM 1487, CPSC, ADA, IPEMA certified
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